The Foundation


Thanks to your past contributions, participation in fundraisers and partnerships with other organizations, The Nicholson Foundation (TNF) has provided the following list of technological upgrades for Nicholson Elementary School:

2006-2009: TNF outfitted 7 classrooms with SmartBoards at a cost of $3,500 each, providing the latest technical teaching tools to several classrooms in each grade.  Cobb County SPLOST funds outfitted the remaining classrooms.  To learn more about SmartBoard technology, click here.

2009-2010:  TNF partnered with the Nicholson PTA to outfit 35 classrooms with an ELMO Projector at a cost of $500 each.  TNF also purchased and donated the First-In-Math educational software annual subscription for grades 2 through 5 at a cost of $2,213.40.

2010-2011:  TNF purchased and donated the BrainPOP educational software annual subscription for all grades at a cost of $1,795.  It also purchased several digital cameras, color-printer ink and toner for school copy machines.

2011-2012:  TNF partnering with the Nicholson PTA kicked off a fundraising drive to purchase a new gym floor to be installed by May 2012.  TNF committed $5,000 up front to kick-start the effort.  It also purchased annual subscriptions for all students to IXL Educational Software and Education City at a cost of $2,250. In November 2011, TNF hosted a Gold Sales Event which earned Nicholson Elementary a profit of $1,617.  In January 2012, Bingo Night raised $1,100 toward the new gym floor.

  • TNF provides a full range of after school Enrichment Clubs
  • TNF donates hundreds of dollars in student scholarship funds for educational field trips
  • TNF provides funds for supporting technology, i.e. light bulbs for SMARTBoards and ELMOs, batteries, ink and toner  
  • TNF hosts Movie Night and Bingo Night on school grounds created to give back to the students and their families.  These events generate a small profit which is used for technological upgrades
  • TNF provides food and drink for its Bus Drivers at a reception Bus Driver Appreciation Day
As you can see, there are many technological areas in which The Nicholson Foundation provides educational equipment and software which have been and continue to serve the students of Nicholson Elementary.  Our goal is to assist our teachers in providing a state-of-the-art learning experience for each student.