Health Coalition of Passaic County: Establishing a Community-based Population Health Program

Health Coalition of Passaic County
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Program Area:
Population Health
Geographic Area: 
Passaic County, 
Paterson, Passaic County

The Health Coalition of Passaic County (HCPC) is a collaborative effort of community organizations aimed at improving the health of the underserved in the City of Paterson, especially the Medicaid population. The Coalition is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors and has a 27-member Community Advisory Board representing a broad range of community agencies, programs, and services.

This project supports the Coalition’s continuing growth and development. It focuses on strengthening HCPC’s infrastructure and helping HCPC assess community resources, undertake analyses of relevant community data, and plan and implement care management programs for high users of healthcare services and other at-risk groups of patients. HCPC also is pursuing an initiative designed to reduce the number of preterm births in Paterson. The initiative includes analyses of relevant hospital and other data and presentations to high-risk populations on the need for regular prenatal care and the availability of a range of services for at-risk pregnant women. It also involves collaboration with the Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey to increase the number of referrals to State-funded services for at-risk pregnant women.

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