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The Center for Care Innovations (CCI) designs and implements programs focused on transforming the healthcare safety net to prepare providers for the future. Key focus areas include innovation, patient engagement, access to care, care for high-risk/high-cost patients, and data analytics. CCI provides research, technical assistance, and project funding, and facilitates learning networks for healthcare safety net organizations.

This project supports the development of an initiative in New Jersey to promote a culture of innovation among healthcare organizations caring for vulnerable populations. CCI is helping to create a network of innovators and is supporting projects with breakthrough solutions for the safety net community. The initiative includes two phases. In the first phase of the initiative, a team of staff from selected organizations will receive human-centered design training and work with innovation coaches over a four-month period. They will develop an innovative solution and an implementation plan to address an identified problem at their organization. Teams will then have an opportunity to receive financial support to pilot their solutions in Phase 2 of the Initiative, which is scheduled to begin in 2016. Nine safety-net healthcare organizations that have applied to participate in the Initiative have been selected for Phase 1.

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